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Amazing juggling and mind blowing feats all combined into one tight package.
You may have laughed hard, but never like this.

Juggalicious is the best juggling, interactive, stunt pulling, energy filled act you will ever see. Not only does it involve death defying feats of magnificently great and superb ability, but it has Alex and Bobby, together they form Juggalicious.

Juggalicious is a pretty nice group of guys; they grew up in the silent streets of Mass where they enjoyed frolicking through the fields. Ever since they were young they have always been enthralled by the sounds of nature, not only that, they are both Aquarius and were born during the year of the Rat, whatever that means.

But anyway, back to the show. It is a high-energy time, filled with laughter and really great juggling. They have been juggling for three years and performing professionally for over four doing theater and comedy. They have also worked for renowned agencies as Fly By Night Entertainment and Clowntique.

And now a bunch of Random facts about the Show:
They can juggle. A lot of people laugh at Alex. A lot of people think Bobby needs help. They love to meet new people. They are both are charismatic. They can travel to most places. Most importantly they love what they do.