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Juggalicious's unique repertoire of talent provides for a night of action-packed entertainment that you just can't find anywhere else. From crowds of thousands to just a few strangers their award winning juggling comedy duo has performed for all sorts of events. Juggalicious's resume includes everything from prominent ski resorts and theaters to performances on the street or at country fairs. Don't be surprised if you find yourself laughing more than you thought, both Alex and Bobby come from a background in comedy and theater which allows them to have a very intimate relationship with any audience. If you have an event that you think needs a little something else, we can do that. If you think it needs a lot of something else, we can do that too. Or even if you just need someone to do some chores around the house, give us a call.

If You have seen the show, or you just know who we are, sign the guestbook we want to know what you think!!!

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